The text of the abstract.

Even if multiple paragraphs.

First level title

A paragraph.

Another paragraph.

Second level title

A listing block.

Third level title

This is a block quotation.

Fourth level title

  • An item in an unordered list

  • Another item in an unordered list

Another second level title

  1. An item in an ordered list

  2. Another item in an ordered list

Inline elements

We can define:

Boxes for figures, tables, formulas and listings

alternative text

Caption of the figure inserted through the element img.

Scalable Vector Graphics

Caption of the figure inserted through the element svg.
Heading cell 1 Heading cell 2

Data cell 1

Data cell 2

Data cell 3

With multiple paragraphs

Data cell 4

Caption of the table.

[a + b]^260 + {a + b}_i

a + b 260 + a + b i

[a + b]^{260} + \{a + b\}_i

[a + b]^260 + {a + b}_i

<define name="listingbox">
<element name="figure">
    <ref name="attributes_html_element_no_role" />
    <ref name="pre" />
    <ref name="caption" />
Caption of the listing.

Referencing things

All the sections (e.g., ), figures (e.g., ), tables (e.g., ), formulas (e.g., ), listings (e.g., ), bibliographic references (e.g., ), footnotes (e.g., ) and even multiple footnotes (e.g., , that will be automatically separated through a ,) can be referenced within the text by using the empty element a.


The acknowledgements of a document.


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  2. Wikipedia entry Paragraph. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paragraph (last visited, December 17, 2014).

Footnote 1.

Footnote 2.

Footnote 3.