Current projects

Question Answering over Knowledge Graphs
Training neural networks for KBQA over DBpedia [Code]

Conversation mining
Analysis of conversational structure using process mining techniques [Code]

Past projects

Mining the collection of Valkema's historical glass-making recipes [Code]

CommuniData FFG
Open Data for Local Communities (Jupyter Notebooks, wordcloud) [Jupyter server] [Code] [StuwerNews] (Twitterbot for local news)

Conversational browsing
Conversational search interface for Open Data exploration [Demo] [Code]

Semantic Coherence
Measuring the degree of coherence in dialogs with respect to the background knowledge [Paper] [Slides] [Code]

Question Answering from Tabular data with Memory Networks architecture [Paper] [Demo] [Code]

Open Data Assistant ODA (aka Franzl)
Chatbot as a semantic cross-lingual search interface to the open data portals (NodeJS, Babelfy) [Paper] [Messenger] [Skype] [Slides] [Poster] [Video]

Open Data AT Expertin (aka Rosie)
Chatbot as a search interface to the austrian open data portals (NodeJS) [Messenger] [Skype] [Code] [FAQ] [News] [News]

R.I.P. (Research In Peace)
Breaking news monitor for computer science researchers (Flask + gunicorn + nginx) [Demo] [Code]

Hashtag Monitor
What's on in Vienna? New York City? Kyiv? Moscow? (Flask + gunicorn + nginx)
[Code Poetry Slam Vienna Award 2017]

InVID Horizon 2020
Social Media Filtering and Extraction (Java Vert.x RabbitMQ / Tweet2Vec) [Paper] [Deliverable 2.1]

Algorithms for Implicit Information Diffusion Networks Across Media [Paper] [Deliverable 3.2]

What's in?
Enriching iTunes App Store Categories via Topic Modeling (Gensim) [Paper] [Demo] [Poster] [Code]

Web development (JS parallax effect)



Niels Rouws BSc, Dutch SQuAD and Ensemble Learning for Question Answering from Labour Agreements (co-supervised with Sophia Katrenko, DEUS)

Juno Prent BSc, A Systematic Comparison of Pre-Processing Methods for Bias Mitigation (co-supervised with Sophia Katrenko, DEUS)

Florian van der Steen BSc, A Systematic Comparison of Post-Processing Methods for Bias Mitigation (co-supervised with Sophia Katrenko, DEUS)

Leila Talha MSc, Dialogue Act Modelling as Neural Machine Translation for Joint Dialogue Act Segmentation and Prediction on Automated Transcripts (co-supervised with Gianluigi Bardelloni, KPN)

Maria Diea MSc, Disentangled Heterogeneous Graph Learning for Link Prediction (co-supervised with Riccardo Campari, Prosus; received honourable mention of the 2021 ADS Thesis Awards)


Alex Ketelaars BSc, Language Style Matching in Dialogue Generation Models

Bart van Vulpen BSc, Integrating a Language Style Matching Objective into Deep Neural Networks for Dialogue Response Generation

Arvid Lindstroem MSc, Inductive Dialogue Act Classification using Graph Neural Networks (co-supervised with Gianluigi Bardelloni, KPN)


Sophia Keyner BSc, Open Data Chatbot (co-supervised with Vadim Savenkov)

Yoan Bachev MSc, Social Media News Chatbot (co-supervised with Anton Yeshchenko)

Matthew Minson MSc, Deep Learning Models for Question Answering (co-supervised with Axel Polleres)


Paul Rudolf Zahrl BSc, Real-time Job Recommendations from Twitter (co-supervised with Javier Fernandez)

Christiane Rank BSc, Social Media and the Future of News: Empirical Study (co-supervised with Kathrin Figl)

Isabel Schwaninger MSc, Detecting Social Unrest on Chinese Microblogs (co-supervised with Christian Goebel)

Eric Bruch MSc, Open Data Gamification: Quizz Generator (co-supervised with Vadim Savenkov, Axel Polleres)


Alexander Meisl BSc, Open Data for Social Science: Red Cross Use Case (co-supervised with Vadim Savenkov)

Donatella Novakovic BSc, Semantic Literature Review on Rumour Detection (co-supervised with Sabrina Kirrane)

Amar Tauqeer MSc, Visualizing Geo-located Open Data (co-supervised with Vadim Savenkov, Axel Polleres)